Technology Assisted Review

Doing More With Less
Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and Predictive Coding will ultimately reduce review time, save enormous amounts of money, and organizes key discovery to support your case. Ultimately, this will give you a tighter focus on the merits of the matter. Inspired Review’s TAR Workflows combine the best of human performance and analysis with the strategic use of technology.

The Inspired Team: Assists in the initial analysis of documents where complex decision making is necessary.

Technology: Algorithims or Language Based Rules are designed to minimize repetitive tasks and apply their rules to reach a statistically valid conclusion on responsiveness and issues and apply to large amounts of data.

Inspired’s suggested TAR methodology centers around Active Learning. Every document call made by a reviewer to an ambiguous document teaches the system how to better identify relevant vs. non-relevant documents. Continuous re-sampling during the document review combined with machine learning increases accuracy to minimize eyes-on review.

Ultimately, our clients are saving around 50-75% of their current Linear Review Costs and Rapidly and Accurately Coding large Volumes of Documents in a much shorter period of time.